Fluke 9062 Motor and Phase Rotation Indicator

  • Fluke 9062 Motor and Phase Rotation Indicator 1


  • 3 phase indication
  • Indication of phase rotation
  • Indication of motor rotation direction
  • Contact free determination of the rotation direction of running motors


Unique phase rotation indicator with motor rotation ability

The unique Fluke 9062 provides rotary field and motor rotation indication with the benefits of contact-less detection. Purpose made for commercial and industrial environments, the Fluke 9062 provides rapid indication of 3 phase rotation using test leads supplied or can be used to determine motor rotation on synchronous and asynchronous 3 phase motors. The contact-less detection is ideal for use on motors where the shaft is not visible. The included test probes have a variable clamping range for safe contact, also in industrial sockets.


Fluke 9062 Motor and Phase Rotation Indicator

Motor & Phase Rotation Indicator

  • 3 test leads
  • 3 test probes
  • 3 alligator clips
  • battery, 9 V
  • user manual


Technical specifications
Voltage range Up to 400 V
Phase display 120-400 V AC
Frequency range 2-400 Hz
Operating timer Continuous
Environmental specifications
Operating temperature 0 °C to 40 °C
Operating altitude Up to 2000m
Humidity (without condensation) 15% to 80%
Dust/water resistance IP 40
Safety specifications
Electrical safety EN 61010,
EN 61557-7
Overvoltage category CAT III, 300 V
Mechanical and general specifications
Size 124 x 61 x 27 mm
Weight 1 x 9 V
Batteries 1 x 9 V
Warranty 2 years