• VPS101电压探头组,1:1(一支黑色) | Fluke


  • 300 V CAT III rated
    • 1:1 Voltage Probe
    • Hook Clip for Probe Tip
    • Ground Lead with Mini Alligator
    • Insulation Sleeve
  • 30 V CAT II rated Ground Spring for Probe Tip

产品概述: VPS101电压探头组,1:1(一支黑色)

Double insulated voltage probe for ScopeMeter 190 series.

产品规格: VPS101电压探头组,1:1(一支黑色)

Attenuation 1x
Bandwidth 30 MHz
Max. input voltage 300 V CAT III
Max. voltage to ground 600 V CAT III per IEC / EN61010-031
Input resistance 1 MΩ
Input capacitance 42 pF + input capacitance of instrument
Cable length 1.2 m
Warranty One year

资源: VPS101电压探头组,1:1(一支黑色)