Fluke RUP8 卷式工具袋

  • Fluke RUP8 Roll-Up Pouch uses hook and loop fasteners to keep the pouch closed and keep your tools organized
  • The RUP8 Roll-Up Pouch contains space for five screwdrivers and three pliers, held in with elastic loops
  • The RUP8 Roll-Up Pouch holds you tools in place with elastic loops. Tools not included.


  • 容纳五把螺丝刀和三把钳子
  • 魔术贴使工具袋始终卷起
  • 耐用型聚酯材料

产品概述: Fluke RUP8 卷式工具袋

Fluke RUP8 卷式工具袋让手持工具保持整齐并放在原位。弹性绑带将绑住 5 把螺丝刀和 3 把钳子,您可以在原位找到它们。工具袋使用魔术贴封口。不含工具。

产品规格: Fluke RUP8 卷式工具袋

尺寸17 in x 12 in
43 cm x 30.5 cm
5 个螺丝刀插袋、3 个钳子插袋

型号: Fluke RUP8 卷式工具袋


RUP8 卷式工具袋