Fluke BC190 电源适配器/电池充电器

  • Fluke BC190 Line Voltage Adapter / Battery Charger - 1

产品概述: Fluke BC190 电源适配器/电池充电器

Fluke BC190 电源适配器/电池充电器可以为Fluke 190系列示波表提供充电。

产品规格: Fluke BC190 电源适配器/电池充电器

Mains (Line voltage)BC190/820 (Universal) 100 V to 240V ± 10%
Frequency (all versions)50…60 Hz ± 10%
Output voltage17.8 V DC
Output power15 W
Power Consumption23.7 V A
Max. voltage to ground600 Vrms CAT III per IEC 1010-1
808 are equipped with a male receptacle plug that must be connected to a line cord appropriate for local use. (Line cord not included)